Healthy County Congratulates 8-Week Challenge Finishers

Healthy County Wellness Consultant Carrye Chen and Hood County Commissioner Steve Berry show off their SonicPeds during the North & East County Judges and Commissioners Conference in July. Healthy County members are encouraged to keep striding year-round.

Congratulations go out to all of the more than 4,000 striders from the 123 county groups that took part in the Sonic Boom 8-Week Challenge, a benefit of the TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool’s Healthy County program. 

They say these boots were made for walking, and as a whole, Texas counties took an impressive 550,389,310 steps and completed 11,646,046 minutes of activity between May 6 and July 1; 1,549 participants achieved the goal of 3,500 steps or 42 minutes of activity (walking, swimming, biking, etc.) five days a week for the entire eight weeks. Those participants will receive $50 gift cards from their wellness coordinators for the achievement. 

Congratulations also go to Callahan, Dallam, Hartley and Montague counties, where every employee who enrolled for the Sonic Boom challenge successfully completed the program, and to Knox County, with the fifth-highest completion rate at 83 percent. 

Wichita County had the highest number of employees who completed the challenge at 93. Other counties with high numbers of employees completing the challenge were Walker, with 53 employees; Kleberg, with 50 employees; Calhoun, with 47 employees; and Kaufman, with 43 employees. 

Amazingly, the top five walkers all exceeded 1 million steps within the eight-week challenge. Two of the Top 5 walkers — Debbra Johnson and Laura Borrego —were also in the Top 5 last year. (See chart.) Last year, employees who participated in the Sonic Boom challenge reported numerous benefits. Participants reported becoming more physically active, increased employee morale, weight loss and improved eating behaviors. 

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