Stronger connections, Stronger counties


Join TAC’s knowledgeable Legislative and Communications staff in the Connection Corner at this year’s Legislative Conference in Austin. While you give your phone a boost at our charging kiosk, TAC’s experts can answer your questions on how to get the most out of TAC’s social media and online presence.

Connect with TAC online to learn, exchange, and keep up with your peers and colleagues across the state! Knowledgeable staff will be showing off the @TexasCounties Twitter feed, Facebook page and YouTube channel at our Connection Corner during the Legislative Conference.  Social networking has become an important and valuable means of communicating in the new era of the “Digital Legislature,” and legislators are increasingly reliant upon social media as a means for vetting issues. Charge your phone up at our free charging kiosk while talking to TAC staff about how social media monitoring and communications can benefit you back home and during the next legislative session.

Follow TAC on Twitter, on Facebook, and view our YouTube channel. Use these resources to receive and communicate first-hand information on issues that are important to county government before, during and after the legislative session.