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Education and Training

Providing a wide variety of training opportunities relevant to your daily challenges in public office is an important service that the Texas Association of Counties provides our members. Our training events—designed and guided by county officials—target the needs of the county audience and provide a unique opportunity for everyone to participate in coordinated, professionally planned educational activities that offer great networking opportunities.

Legal Resources

County government operates within a complex web of laws and regulations, and one of the greatest challenges county officials face is ensuring that operations are not only efficient, but also within the law. That's where the TAC Legal Department can help. Our toll-free TAC helpline, (888-ASK-TAC4), connects county officials with legal specialists at TAC who can assist them in researching issues and finding statutes, opinions and court cases relevant to a particular county situation. TAC's Legal Department can provide you with the confidence of knowing that you approached your difficult job with a good understanding of the laws that apply to your operations. In addition, we provide many legal resources online, including notice of upcoming legal deadlines, a wide variety of legal publications, links to helpful legal resources and a search mechanism for laws and codes.
The TAC Legal Department also responds quickly to important legal developments by providing timely notice and analysis to the appropriate county officials. TAC also distributes upon request a number of helpful legal guides on topics that include: election laws, oath and bond requirements, open meetings, public information, financial disclosure for county officers, special and dedicated funds, animal control and others.


TAC's Legislative Department helps county officials connect with state officials in Austin and provides important information to the state leadership. Both legislators and state agency leaders turn to TAC to find out how county officials feel about important issues that affect county government and for a wealth of information includes property tax information, county profiles, census and demographic data, financial data, and mapping and data analysis. County officials count on TAC Legislative Liaisons to provide them with relevant information and voice county concerns to state officials. TAC Legislative Liaisons also promote county interests by serving on state and federal advisory committees and workgroups.
During the session and beyond, TAC actively gathers, analyzes and distributes vital information on policy issues affecting county government. The Legislative Department keeps county officials abreast of current developments through a regular e-newsletter, County Issues, and on the TAC website. Urgent information is distributed by email alerts to appropriate county officials. Be sure to open any email you get from TAC Legislative, especially during the session. Also, follow TAC on Twitter for legislative news and updates. We're @TexasCounties.

Risk Management Services

​The TAC Risk Management Services Department helps counties band together and self-insure against a broad range of liabilities and risks. Owned and managed by counties, these programs have saved Texas taxpayers millions of dollars and grown into a stable, sustainable resource of protection, specifically tailored for the unique needs of counties. TAC's self-insurance pools offer all the protection necessary for counties, county officials and county employees.
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Health and Benefits Services

The TAC Health and Benefits Services Department manages the largest benefits pool for county employees in the nation. Taking advantage of strength in numbers, counties and county-related entities combine, or pool, their purchasing power to increase contract control and decrease costs in providing affordable health benefits to county officials and employees, accessing world-class wellness programs, and providing retiree health benefits. County owned and managed, and specifically tailored for the unique needs of our members, these programs have generated substantial savings for Texas taxpayers and grown into a stable, sustainable resource that counties can rely on.
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County Information Resource Agency (CIRA)

CIRA is an interlocal government agency supported by TAC and dedicated to helping counties with their technology challenges.