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County Treasurers Ready for Legislative Session

Aurora Flores
TAC Legislative Liaison

With committee appointments now complete in both chambers, legislative hearings are taking place at the Capitol. County Treasurers Association of Texas (CTAT) members are prepared to tackle the issues of the 83rd session and to advance their legislative platform. 

One of three CTAT proposed changes relates to receipt of money by the county treasurer in Local Government Code (LGC) Chapter 132. Electronic payments received from various credit card vendors are becoming an increasing source of accounts receivable. Since county treasurers receive all money belonging to the county from whatever source it may be derived, CTAT members propose county treasurers determine the method for the electronic payments: Sec. 132.006. DISPOSITION OF FEES AND CHARGES (a) The county or precinct officer collecting a fee or charge under this chapter shall deposit the fee or charge with the county treasurer for use in the general fund of the county.

Regarding authorized investments, county treasurers see cleanup measures needed in the Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA). Currently in Chapter 2256.009 of the PFIA, letters of credit are included in the list of authorized investments. However, public entities cannot invest in letters of credit as those are used for collateral by banks to secure public funds. CTAT proposes removing “including letters of credit” from the authorized investments to Chapter 2257 of the Public Funds Collateral Act, Sec.2257.002, Definitions.

Lastly, CTAT seeks to add the term “a county treasurer” to the list of eligible individuals who may administer an oath of office. Sec. 83.009 of the Local Government Code requires an assistant treasurer or treasurer’s deputy to take the official oath of office but does not grant the oath administering duties to the county treasurer. The requested addition would be made in the Government Code, Chapter 602.002.

The legislative process will begin to move at a faster pace as the committees organize and hear more bills.  Members of CTAT’s Legislative Task Force continue to work on these important platform issues and will track legislation that impacts county treasurers. For more information, please contact at (800) 456-5974.