Hurricane & Catastrophe Preparedness Series – Part 1 of 3: What Role Should HR Play in Planning and Preparing for Response?

May 15, 2019

For more information, please contact Lee Bell-Hovland or see our Webinars web page.​​​

This webinar will discuss important HR-related functions that should be included when planning and preparing for hurricanes and other catastrophes that could affect not only employees but also other county operations.

While it's important to harden facilities and prepare for clean-up efforts when preparing for a disaster, HR-related planning and preparation is just as important to ensure the county continues to function normally.

The webinar will cover what necessary HR preparations should be in place before a crisis, the HR response during a disaster and disengagement, and the transition back to normal after a crisis.  TAC HR Consultant Mary Ann Saenz-Thompson will present.

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