Make Public Outreach Part of your National County Government Celebrations this April

National County Government Month is a time to celebrate county government and public service in your communities

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National County Government Month (NCGM), observed each April, is a time to celebrate county government and public service in your communities. April is an excellent opportunity to actively promote and raise public awareness and understanding of the services and programs your county delivers to Texans every day. Counties can schedule activities at any time during the month.

Be sure to check out TAC’s public outreach tips and tools at

Use your county’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote NCGM activities. In previous years, some counties have rolled out a “County Fact of the Day” on social media to highlight the various offices of the courthouse, county employees and key county services. It’s a chance to highlight things many residents don’t know about county services but need to know.

Use the hashtag #NCGM on your social media to contribute to the NCGM story.

Five Ways to Participate in Under Five Minutes

Even if you only have a few minutes a day, you can join in the celebration. Here are five fun and easy ways to use TAC’s Texas Counties Deliver tools to share your county story in under five minutes this April and throughout the year.

1.  Share the Texas Counties Deliver Website – Link to the Texas Counties Deliver website at from your county’s website, and share it on social media, too! Invite your constituents, legislators, teachers and students to learn how county government serves Texans every day with this colorful and entertaining website. It explains county government and county officials’ duties in both English and Spanish and includes numerous entertaining videos. Counties with websites provided by the TAC County Information Resources Agency can opt to include a home page button that links to the Texas Counties Deliver website. Counties that provide their own websites can add the button, found at

2. Make Your Own Video – Record a brief (three minutes or shorter) video using your smartphone. Explain a key role of your office or another aspect of county government. Upload it to YouTube and share the link on social media and your website. Remember: hold your camera horizontally, not vertically, for more professional-looking results. See more tips here:

3. Post TAC’s Fun, Informative Videos – Not ready to star in your own video? We’ve got you covered. Share some of the entertaining and informative county government videos produced by Chet Garner of PBS’s “The Daytripper” on your county website, Facebook and Twitter. All the videos are available to download for free at

4. Use TAC’s Infographics – Download and share one of TAC’s many infographics at Use them online and in person to explain numerous complicated topics from property taxes to indigent defense and the role counties play in supporting and implementing many state policies and services at the local level. 

5. Order Copies of the County Services Poster – Hang the “Here are Just a Few Things Counties Do for You” poster in your courthouse and other county buildings for the public to see, or distribute them to teachers in your community. They are available in both English and Spanish and provide a brief overview of some of the essential services counties provide. Order copies at for only the cost of shipping.

For links to all the resources detailed here and more, visit

2019 Legislative Schedule

Get Engaged. Stay Involved. Below is a list of important dates to note for the 86th legislative session.

Tuesday, Jan. 8
The 86th Legislature convenes at noon

Tuesdays, Jan. 8-May 21
TAC’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast series, each Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
Counties at the Capitol Day

Friday, March 8
Deadline for filing most bills and joint resolutions

Tuesday, April 30
County Government Day at the Capitol

Monday, May 27
Sine Die, the last day of the regular session of the 86th Legislature 

Sunday, June 16
Last day the governor may sign or veto bills

Monday, Aug. 26
Bills without a specific effective date become law

Wednesday Sept. 4 – Friday, Sept. 6
TAC Legislative Conference