TAC Employee Spotlight - Caleb Sanchez

TAC Digital Marketing Manager Caleb Sanchez

By County magazine

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In the brief 16 months since joining TAC, Caleb Sanchez, TAC’s first Digital Marketing Manager, has made a big impression. 

Among his accomplishments so far: 

- He helped usher in the newly designed TAC website — www.county.org; 
- He led TAC's effort to apply to the Austin American-Statesman's top workplaces  program. TAC was named the 2019 Top Midsize Workplace in Austin; and 
- He keeps TAC’s digital presence up to date and looking fresh.

Sanchez manages this all of this while maintaining a calm demeanor and fun attitude. 

“Although Caleb has not been with TAC long, he has proven himself to be an essential part of our TAC family,” said TAC Executive Director Susan M. Redford. “Caleb is a joy to work with. He is always at the forefront to help when a co-worker or member is in need of assistance.”

Hired in May 2018 as Web Services Manager, Sanchez pioneered the use of customer engagement data to document the success of TAC’s digital content through various channels, including social media. His title changed to Digital Marketing Manager in 2019 as he develops a more proactive approach that will build on TAC’s current digital footprint. This includes enhanced use of social media, digital advocacy platforms, Search Engine Optimization and Google advertising and a system of analytics to measure success.

Prior to starting with TAC, Sanchez worked at a start-up as a senior web developer. This is where he began to learn project management and to implement new processes to improve work efficiencies — skills he uses a lot at TAC. 

Sanchez was uncertain his experience in the tech world could be useful at TAC. But he soon found it was very relatable. “Being able to come in and generate ideas and have them be supported by not only our immediate supervisors, but by the Executive Director and other directors was a surprise,” Sanchez said. “I feel very supported to throw out new ideas.”

“Caleb is an innovative thinker and is always looking for ways to improve TAC and the services we provide to our members,” Redford said. “His initiative and integrity make everyone around him better.”

Knowing he had the support to be creative gave him the courage to suggest TAC submit its name as one of Austin’s Top Workplaces. The TAC Executive Team embraced the idea, and Sanchez worked to make it to the top of the list. “I really enjoy looking for different opportunities like the Top Workplaces. It was super involved, and I was able to carry it all the way through,” he said.

Each year the Statesman recognizes outstanding workplaces, companies and organizations of varying sizes in the Austin area. This honor is determined entirely by surveys completed by company employees. Survey questions focus on the emotional and relationship environment of workplaces.

 “Caleb’s work to earn TAC’s Top Workplaces recognition has boosted both employee morale and TAC’s recruiting efforts,” said Human Resources Director Jenny Gilchrist.  “TAC’s culture recognizes its employees as our most valuable asset and being able to distinguish ourselves this way is a huge help in hiring. TAC’s increased presence on Glassdoor is another way that Caleb has helped attract great new talent to work here, and we are seeing the results in our applicant pool.”  

Collaboration across TAC is essential in keeping TAC’s website content current and relevant, which is something Sanchez embraces. He cites the redesign of the Association’s website as one of his favorite things he’s done at TAC. 

“I think in the very beginning, launching the [redesigned] site was a lot of fun because it involved every single person on the team. It was a good transition from start-up to corporate because it was similar to the fast-paced, collaborative environment I came from.” 

Sanchez has also worked closely with TAC’s Information Technology team and Legislative Services Department on a couple of projects, including the Legislative Analysis Database, a searchable database  for users to locate information about bills that had passed during the last legislative session or were pending.

“[Sanchez] was knowledgeable, easy to work with, honored his commitments and did whatever it took to complete the project,” said TAC Business Systems Analyst Delaney Van Vranken. 

Outside of work, Sanchez loves to travel. Most recently, he has been to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, London and Thailand. But he has had to cool his jets and expects to put his project management skills to the test in a very different area. Sanchez and his wife, Rachel, TAC Human Resources Manager, welcomed their first child in late January.

“I’m hoping to implement Agile methodology so the baby will only eat, sleep and cry when assigned those tasks come spring,” he joked.