TAC Pool members can now join WW, formerly Weight Watchers

The program is offered at a 25% subsidized cost

By County magazine staff

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January is when many people start thinking about their wellness goals for the new year. TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP) members can join WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, to assist them in their health and wellness journey. 

"We offered the program before when it was still Weight Watchers," said Carrye Chen, TAC HEBP Wellness Program Administrator. "It's something our members have been asking for, and we are glad to be able to offer it. We like that they are moving away from the in-person model to more of a digital platform."

Chen believes the new digital options will make the program more beneficial and accessible to rural counties in the Pool. One of the digital tools includes an app that has food and fitness trackers and access to mindfulness and meditation exercises.

"The best part of WW is how customized it is, especially the food plan, and you can see the points for food and drink items," said Biral Patel, TAC HEBP Wellness Consultant. "The app has great features such as the ability to monitor your water intake, and you can be a part of an online community."

WW is a Healthy County initiative, and the program is available to Pool members at a 25% subsidized cost and a discounted rate for spouses, dependents and noncovered employees. 

"We hope that this will translate into healthier employees for the county, which may lead to fewer chronic conditions, which could lead to lower claims," Chen said. "Anything we can do to assist our Pool members with their health and habits is beneficial."

Information about the WW program is available at www.county.org/Health-Benefits.