TAC CIRA services to get enhanced security

Customers will be migrated to Microsoft 365 email licenses

By County magazine staff

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The Texas Association of Counties County Information Resources Agency (TAC CIRA) is taking proactive steps to ensure that counties' email accounts and websites keep pace with the evolving technology and security landscape. Several upcoming changes will help increase your county’s email security and support continued, hands-on and personalized customer service to TAC CIRA members.  

TAC CIRA will phase out the current Rackspace email platform and migrate customers to Microsoft 365 email licenses throughout the year. Microsoft email services have more robust and customizable security to help keep networks and data safe. The required multifactor authentication further protects counties’ email. You may review the new licenses on our website. An updated cost structure includes Microsoft license discounts and a management fee, which reflects the value of hands-on support, migration and license administration.  

TAC CIRA has begun communicating with customers about the new features, costs and migration schedule. To effectively prepare for email migrations, TAC has asked members to indicate their intentions — either staying with TAC CIRA-administered email accounts through Microsoft Office 365 or procuring their own email services. We’re here to help! 

Contact TAC CIRA’s Email Transition Team at 365secure@county.org or at (800) 456-5974.

A new email security protocol will help prevent fraudulent requests. Soon, we’ll be asking you to designate at least three employees to serve as your county’s email administrators. These email administrators will be notified when anyone in your county submits an email-related support request and must verify that the request is legitimate prior to TAC CIRA fulfilling it. This process will combat the risk of a bad actor submitting a fraudulent request to gain access to your county’s network and data.

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