Open enrollment tips from TAC HEBP

Health and Employee Benefits Pool team provides extraordinary level of customer service to counties

By County magazine staff

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Open enrollment is a set time period, typically in the fall, when TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP) members review and make changes to their health benefits for the coming year. The Pool can offer additional support through its Employee Benefits Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants.

Employee Benefits Specialists assist counties with processing, eligibility and available coverages. Employee Benefits Consultants coordinate with counties to assist them with scheduling open enrollment meetings and to provide one-on-one support.

Here are a few ways county benefits coordinators can prepare for the upcoming open enrollment period: 

  • Create a timeline of deadlines. 
  • Start talking with teams about the upcoming year and what to expect. 
  • Watch the renewal webinar. 
  • Schedule an open enrollment meeting to go over benefit updates or changes. 
  • Contact your TAC HEBP Employee Benefits Consultants or Employee Benefits Specialists to schedule a presentation. 

You can view which Health and Benefits Services team members serve your region at

TAC Health and Benefits Services Team goes above and beyond


"I like what I do because health benefits are the only thing that literally impacts every single county employee. Since I live in my coverage area, county officials come up to me, and they recognize me and give me a hug. It just makes every part of this job worthwhile."


"What I enjoy most about being an Employee Benefits Specialist is being able to help our members and being so hands-on, and it makes it personal to us. We make sure to go above and beyond, and we genuinely care about our members’ well-being."