TAC Employee Spotlight - Gaylene Jensen

Meet the "Voice of TAC"

By County magazine

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Most great organizations have perfected their brand, and many have a face that represents them. Think of Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance or the Colonel from Kentucky Fried Chicken. When you see their face, you know who they represent immediately. In the case of the Texas Association of Counties (TAC), we don’t have a face, but we do have a voice. Gaylene Jensen is known as “The Voice of TAC” and is instantly recognizable to any frequent TAC visitor or caller.

Jensen began working for TAC in November 1998 as the primary receptionist; she previously worked in retail as an area sales manager. She is known for her kindness and eagerness to help those calling or visiting the office. “My day begins early with assisting guests with building entrance and directions to events or meetings of the day,” she said. “My priority is to connect the member or staff seeking assistance to the TAC staff member who can be the most helpful.”

Working to help people all day, every day is not an easy task, but Jensen truly enjoys it and it shows. “Gaylene is kind, patient and respectful, no matter what is going on. She takes great care of our county officials and is a force for good in our workplace; she makes everyone’s day a little bit better,” said TAC Assistant Executive Director Rex Hall.

This is the first TAC Employee Spotlight profile. Executive Director Susan Redford felt TAC members should get to know the people that are behind the scenes working for them every day. Jensen exemplifies the dedication to TAC members, which is why she was selected first. She is quite humble and prefers to be behind the scenes helping, not the center of attention. “I haven’t ever even taken a selfie,” she said.

She also is an example of how TAC strives to make lasting, true relationships with its members. “Many of our members have been serving the great people of Texas for the similar amount of time as I’ve been with TAC – some even longer,” Jensen said. “We have a common bond of caring about doing what’s best for our fellow citizens.”

As the receptionist, Jensen has spoken to so many people from all over Texas. She says that she has developed strong friendships that have offered mutual support throughout the years, in good times and through difficult ones. “This is a great fulfillment and joy I receive coming to work each and every day,” she said. 

To TAC members, legislators, internal staff and the general public, Jensen IS the Voice of TAC. But she is also the heart and soul of the Association, which is why we want to shine a spotlight on her.