8 ways to celebrate National County Government Month

April is National Government Month

By County Magazine

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April is National County Government Month. Since 1991, the National Association of Counties (NACo) encourages counties nationwide to promote the services and programs they offer during this annual celebration. 

TAC echoes that message for all 254 Texas counties. “It’s the perfect time to raise public awareness and understanding of the important work you do to serve all Texans,” said TAC Executive Director Susan M. Redford. 

Texas counties can gain inspiration and tools from TAC and NACo to help them celebrate and spread the word during April that Texas counties deliver.

Texas Counties Deliver tools

TAC’s Texas Counties Deliver public education campaign aims to help the public better understand county government and the valuable services it provides. 

1. Distribute Texas Counties Deliver brochures, posters — Visit www.county.org/texascountiesdeliver to order these tools (in both English and Spanish) that explain county officials’ duties and county government services. The cost for delivery of these tools only covers the cost of shipping. Distribute them in the public areas of your courthouse and at public presentations and other outreach events.

2. Share Texas Counties Deliver videos on Facebook and Twitter — Go to TAC’s YouTube channel at
www.youtube.com/texascounties to view and share fun videos that explain everything from the difference between city, state and county government, to the duties of particular county offices, to how elections and the courts are run.

3. Use the Texas County Government PowerPoint — Download and customize this PowerPoint presentation to help you explain county government in your community. Visit www.county.org/texascountiesdeliver. 

4. Share www.texascountiesdeliver.org website — Share this link in your Facebook and Twitter posts, email correspondence, constituent newsletters and with the news media. The website explains the duties of each county office and the key services counties provide.

Inspiration from NACo 

5. Host a virtual school tour — Work with local schools to arrange tours of your county offices and facilities with a focus on government structure, public safety, health care or other services.

6. Speak at local community college by teleconference or video conference — Offer to present a talk on county government. The focus could be about disaster preparedness, public safety, transportation, health care or careers in county government.

7. Host a virtual public open house — Feature county departments showcasing the services they provide. Ensure county employees are on hand to help discuss the services and provide tours. 

8. Stage a virtual public outreach event — Work with a local shopping center, recreation center, libraries or other community center to set up a display and provide fact sheets, brochures and other materials that explain county services.

Find more ideas and tools to help celebrate County Government Month on the NACo website at www.naco.org/resources/featured/2020-national-county-government-month-counties-matter