TAC 2019 employee of the year - Rob Ressmann

HBS Operations Manager wins annual award

By County magazine

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Anyone who has met TAC Health Benefits Services Operations Manager Rob Ressmann knows he is no shrinking violet. His big personality is matched only by his big heart and a huge commitment to TAC and its members. These are just a few of the reasons his fellow TAC employees chose him to be the 2019 Employee of the Year. 

Ressmann began his TAC journey in 2002 as an Employee Benefits Specialist in HBS before moving up to Assistant Manager. 

“Eventually, it evolved more as the management team grew over the years,” he said. 

Like many at TAC, Ressmann doesn’t have what could be described as a typical day. 

“It varies from day to day,” he said. “Overall, I try and keep things running as smoothly as possible. I anticipate roadblocks and keep things fluid so people can do their jobs without any hiccups. If something comes up, I deal with it.”

While there is no typical day, there are many responsibilities for Ressmann to manage. As an Operations Manager, he oversees vendor contracts for the Health and Employee Benefits Pool (HEBP), manages the document retention scheduler for HBS, coordinates HEBP Board meetings and supports the entire HBS team.

“He is the glue of the HBS department,” said HBS Director Quincy Quinlan. “He is sensitive to the needs of his team and has his finger on the pulse of TAC.” 

Ressmann’s role isn’t limited to the details of office work. He is also a much-needed source of stress relief, for his team and for TAC HEBP members. 

“I do try to keep things light if possible, especially in our department,” he said. “One of my main focuses is managing health benefits for people, which is stressful for them and very personal. Our Employee Benefits Specialists take these calls from folks who might be anxious about their benefits, so I try to maintain an upbeat atmosphere in my role of supporting them to help keep their stress levels lower.”

His “upbeat” personality gives his co-workers a big boost, too. 

“He provides me with so much feedback and support,” said HBS Wellness Consultant Ashley Cureton. “He truly cares about the department and TAC as a whole, not just the success of HEBP and the organization, also us as employees. He will check in with us to see how things are going, especially those of us who are primarily on the road.” 

When he has the opportunity to get out of the building and into the field, Ressmann jumps at it. “I don’t have as much of an opportunity to meet with members as I used to. But when I get a chance, I take it,” he said. 

One of his favorites is the annual Healthy County Bootcamp. At the 2019 event, he took advantage of the scheduled talent show to take on “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. He did a crowd-rousing lip sync performance of the song, bringing the audience to its feet. 

“It was a way I could make the whole thing fun. I decided to just go for it.”

Despite having such a big personality, Ressmann and his wife live small in a tiny house. “My wife and I were going to downsize after the kids were grown and out of the house. We watched “Tiny House Nation” and thought it was great. It looked like a great way to free you from some of life’s trappings.” 
His larger-than-life sense of humor, lightness of spirit and dedication to TAC and its members are all reasons he has endeared himself to his co-workers. 

“He is a really fun individual, an incisive thinker and very thoughtful,” Quinlan said.