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TAC calls on counties to encourage residents to fill out the 2020 census

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TAC calls on counties to encourage residents to fill out the 2020 census

As Texans navigate the coronavirus pandemic, an accurate count of the state’s residents is more pressing than ever.

The 2020 census will help counties prepare for the next decade, providing their communities with the health, education and transportation infrastructure they need to thrive.

The U.S. census, required by the Constitution, counts everyone living in the United States to determine federal funding and representation allocations for the next 10 years. The data helps determine the size of congressional delegations and the distribution of resources for community programs.

"The importance of the 2020 census for the next decade of growth in Texas should not be lost on Texas counties and their residents," said TAC Executive Director Susan M. Redford. "All Texans should be encouraged to declare their information to assist counties in acquiring important funding as the state works to rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic and returns to thriving for the next 10 years."

For more information about the census's impact on local communities, visit The deadline to respond is Aug. 14.

TAC has partnered with Texas Counts, a statewide collaborative effort, to showcase the importance of the 2020 census. Texas Counts works to ensure that all Texans are included in the federal survey by collaborating with business and government leaders across the state. The organization can offer ways to engage your community about the census.

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