NACo campaign spotlights dedicated county workers during the pandemic

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Through its We Are Counties campaign, the National Association of Counties (NACo) is striving to give the millions of county employees working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic the recognition they deserve and to encourage federal support for their selfless efforts.

"Dedicated county employees are addressing unprecedented challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic," said NACo President Mary Ann Borgeson, a commissioner in Douglas County, Nebraska. "The We Are Counties campaign will show everyone that counties are people — public servants who are making tremendous sacrifices, putting their own lives at risk — to save lives and keep all of us healthy and safe."

The campaign also calls on federal lawmakers to support local efforts. Counties across the nation are seeing extraordinary losses of revenue, and NACo and the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) are continuing to urge federal action to help counties respond to and recover from COVID-19 and its fallout.

NACo believes direct and flexible federal funding is the best next step in allowing counties to handle the crisis. That support will help county health care workers, law enforcement officials and first responders to continue to provide their vital services.

In responding to the pandemic, Texas counties have shown the strength of their leaders and the necessity of those services. TAC continues to hear stories about the exceptional work of administrators, the sacrifice of hospital workers, the heroism of public safety providers and the dedication of many other county employees.

To participate in the We Are Counties campaign, submit pictures or short videos to NACo at Keep up with the campaign on social media with #WeAreCounties.

To learn more about NACo's other coronavirus-related resources, visit