Executive Director's Report

'Virtual' is the word of the season for TAC

By Susan M. Redford, Executive Director

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May has been busy for TAC. We have had a lot of decisions to make in an effort to keep our staff and our members safe during the pandemic. Perhaps the most significant was our decision to host the annual TAC Legislative Conference on a virtual platform for the first time.

We always look forward to seeing our members and friends at this conference each year, but with the uncertainty in the Austin environment and not knowing when mass gatherings for conferences will be permitted, TAC staff felt it was more important to make sure you get the information you need as we prepare for the 87th legislative session. I know many are disappointed, and everyone is concerned about continuing education credits this year as more and more conferences are rescheduled. We will be asking each of the affiliates that normally allow us to provide continuing education credit for the Legislative Conference to consider granting attendees credit for attending virtually. We hope you will join us for this historic event.

Other events going virtual

The TAC Legislative Services Department has moved forward with our Luncheons with Legislators series this summer in a virtual format. A special thank-you goes to Rep. Drew Darby for agreeing to appear in the first of this series. TAC staff did a great job making sure this was a worthwhile event with vigorous discussion regarding expected issues for the 87th legislative session. Thank you to all of the officials who attended.

In May we also held our first round of virtual board meetings. We started off the month with the TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool Board. The TAC Board of Directors met May 21, and the TAC Risk Management Pool Board met May 28. On June 12, the TAC County Information Resources Agency Board met. There was a common theme among all meetings — how can we better help our members during this difficult time? As a result, we remain committed to keeping county budget constraints in mind as we offer renewals of our lines of health and risk coverage.

County magazine online

After many hours of discussion, we also decided it is better to err on the side of caution with the publication of this issue of County magazine. We are offering the May/June edition only online. Please let me know how you like the online format. Your responses will help us better gauge if and when we return to publishing the magazine in print.

We remain committed to providing you the most recent information we can as the landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change. Please continue to check www.county.org for daily updates.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me. We are committed to delivering unbelievable customer service as we work together to unite counties to achieve better solutions. Texas counties do matter, and we are all in this together!