Time to go shopping

Online store will be open through August

By County magazine staff

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The Employee Safety Equipment Program online store will open May 3, offering several Texas counties an opportunity to spend thousands of dollars on protective equipment. 

The shopping event, which runs through Aug. 31, is open to counties who participate in the TAC Risk Management Pool (RMP) Workers’ Compensation Coverage program. Two storefronts are offered: law enforcement, as well as road and bridge. 

Thousands of dollars have been set aside through the Pool every year for the online purchasing event and allotted to counties to spend on safety equipment, including gloves, eyewash stations, flashlights and hand restraints. County personnel who want to spend more than what is allotted to them by the Pool can use their own funds.

Past online purchasing events have introduced new items to county personnel, who subsequently used them to save lives. Last year, a Willacy County sheriff's deputy applied a combat application tourniquet to stop an accident victim's bleeding before an ambulance arrived. The tourniquet came from a trauma kit in his vehicle, one of eight kits the county purchased from the safety equipment program. This was the first time the office had purchased trauma kits for staff.

The safety equipment program is among the ways TAC RMP is dedicated to eliminating workplace accidents, protecting employees and reducing claims for members. 
A webinar will be available May 5 for interested purchasers to learn how to access the store. Check www.county.org/Calendar for details.

For more information on the program, contact Risk Control Services at (800) 478-8753 or email them at tacrcs@county.org.