TAC Employee Spotlight - Andrea Beard

Claims Supervisor Stays the Course

By County magazine

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Navigating the waters of TAC’s Pools isn’t always smooth sailing, but TAC RMS’s Public Officials & Law Enforcement Liability Litigation Supervisor Andrea Beard manages to keep everything on an even keel. Beard started at TAC in March 2015 as a paralegal in the Claims Division and has seen her role change and grow over the years. Today she supervises the Public Officials and Law Enforcement Liability coverages.

“My day to day consists of fielding member calls and evaluating coverage and liability on a number of high profile claims. I work very closely with our Claims Litigation Examiner, along with members and defense counsel throughout the state,” Beard said. 

“Andrea is driven and truly loves her job,” said Director of Risk Management Services, Michael Shannon. “She thinks like a lawyer and a claims examiner, which is a rare combination.” 
Beard works with a group of what she refers to as “a robust group of characters.” She enjoys their camraderie and says that everyone has a great sense of humor, making working life a fun, spirited environment. “Staff lunches and other get-togethers are always entertaining. It’s a really fun group of people,” she said.

That humor and sense of fun help balance out the difficult task of managing claims. When there is a challenge to evaluating coverage and liability on a claim, tensions can run high. Having the support of a team is important. “There is a lot of good knowledge in this Department — both new and old. That’s vital to our success,” she said. 

Beard isn’t just learning, she is also teaching. “Andrea has a vast amount of county and counsel knowledge, as well as pure instinct and good strategic thinking in her claims,” said her supervisor, TAC Claims Manager Stacey Corluccio. 
“Andrea is very helpful. If there is something difficult or different, she will know the answer or where to find it,” said Property Program Supervisor Brett Anderson. 

When not in the office, Beard is still working —  traveling the state for mediations, trials and conferences, meeting members along the way. While each trip is different, with new surprises and challenges, she embraces the opportunity to engage with members because what they do each day is so important. “I’m actually very sentimental about my job,” she said. “I fell in love with county government 20 years ago when I began working for Allison, Bass & Magee, LLP, before coming to TAC. There I learned about county government and the all-encompassing need for all it entails. So, I was very excited when TAC offered me a position. I’m able to continue that work on a whole other level.”

Her hard work and dedication are two of the reasons she was nominated for this issue’s Employee Spotlight. “She goes above and beyond with our members to keep them informed about their claims and to ensure their interests are protected from a legal and financial standpoint,” said Shannon. “She has more than 20 years of experience in legal liability and knows opposing counsel as well as our own. She is always thinking one or two steps ahead on every claim.”

Not surprising, Beard uses her talents at home. Married with two children — a daughter living in Houston with Beard’s only grandchild and a son who is still in high school — she helps captain family vacations in the great outdoors. 

“My favorite thing to do is coastal fishing — saltwater fishing. You never know what you’re going to catch,” she said. “From starfish to stingrays to hammerheads. You just never know.” Not unlike a typical day at TAC for Beard. Each day offers surprises, challenges, fun times and the opportunity to steady the ship.