Has your county been practicing safety?

TAC RMP Safety Awards open with some changes

By County magazine staff

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The annual TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) Safety Awards Program is accepting applications through Nov. 30.

For more than a decade, the program has recognized member counties and governmental entities for controlling claims costs and for developing and improving safety and loss control programs.

This year, the awards criteria have changed, eliminating the loss ratio requirement of 65% or less to qualify for the Safety Achievement Award; members can now earn the achievement award without meeting a particular loss ratio. The Excellence in Safety Award now requires a loss ratio of 60% or less, instead of 50% or less, the requirement for previous years’ awards.

To qualify for the Safety Achievement Award, applicants will still need to have safety policies and a safety plan. The Excellence in Safety Award still requires meeting the achievement award criteria, as well as having an active safety committee and meeting training requirements.

The Making a Difference Award, which is presented to a TAC RMP member employee, has not undergone any changes.

Awards will be announced February 2022, and recipients will be honored during a special dinner at the County Management & Risk Conference in April.

For more information, visit www.county.org/Risk-Management/Risk-Control/Safety-Awards-Program.

Contact a Risk Control Consultant or Risk Management Consultant (www.county.org/County-Risk-Management-Map) if you have questions about the TAC RMP Awards Program.