TAC HEBP’s new employee assistance program available Oct. 1

Free, confidential benefit can help members and their families manage a variety of personal issues

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For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has knocked our home and work lives off balance, but it doesn't take a pandemic to push our daily anxiety and stress levels to where they can harm our well-being, relationships and jobs. When necessary, professional support can help you get back on track.

Starting on Oct. 1 for members of the Texas Association of Counties Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP), that support will be just a toll-free phone call away.

That's when TAC HEBP launches an employee assistance program (EAP) powered by Alliance Work Partners. The program can help members and their families manage a variety of personal issues, including marital problems, legal troubles, financial difficulties, parenting worries and substance abuse struggles.

The program will offer free, confidential advice, and counseling or referral services to any member of an employee's household as part of the health benefits of fully pooled TAC HEBP members. A toll-free call starts the process. The EAP’s call center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by professional counselors. Face-to-face counselors also are widely accessible.

"The Health Pool knows how much counties and districts value the work and dedication of their employees, and we want to support those employees in such an unprecedented time," said Quincy Quinlan, TAC's Director of Health and Benefits Services. "We think that the employee assistance program provides a convenient way for employees to obtain professional assistance in strict confidence."

For more information about the available benefits, visit the EAP website at your benefits portal, www.mybenefits.county.org.

Go to www.awpnow.com to create a customized account. Select "Access Your Benefits." Registration code: AWP-TACHEBP-4661.

TAC HEBP Employee Assistance Program

Access all benefits: (800) 343-3822

Reach TDD: (800) 448-1823

Reach EAP teen line: (800) 334-TEEN (8336)