President's Report

Today’s challenges bring opportunities to learn, stay positive

By Renee Couch, Comal County Treasurer and TAC Board President

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During October, Texans enter their seventh month of living and working in the midst of an ever-evolving pandemic. This new reality has challenged us all personally and professionally.

Change is always hard, and the changes brought about by the past seven months have at times been very difficult for all of us. I am proud of Texas counties for how they have met these changes and responded to the threat of COVID-19 by adapting their operations in ways that work to keep county officials, staff and the public safe, while delivering the important services Texans depend upon. 

The new normal of conducting business and socializing via videoconferencing has forced most everyone to learn something new. Like it or not, I see this as a great thing. In fact, I see many good things in the midst of these difficult times because I choose to keep a positive mindset.

I bought a T-shirt the other day with this quotation, "I think I will be happy today." I sincerely believe this outlook can help us all as we strive to adapt to this new virtual world in our work and personal lives, whether we are attending online budget meetings or participating in virtual nonprofit board meetings and church services. Once this pandemic is behind us, I have no doubt that we will continue to apply what we have learned to improve the ways we work and serve the public.

TAC jumped feet first into the world of videoconferencing during the past seven months by moving several educational events online and holding our first virtual annual Legislative Conference on Aug. 26-28. I logged on and attended several sessions. I was especially moved by the slide presentation by Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne during the “Emergency Management: What Should I Know Today?" session. Sheriff Hawthorne's advice was informative and helpful, but the "hard truth" pictures were worth a thousand words. All the sessions were well done and very timely. But my favorite aspect of the virtual meeting was the ability to "chat" with one another as we were being inspired by the presentations. All the positive and kind words to one another made my heart warm. Thank you to everyone who participated in the conference.

As we move into the final quarter of this year and look ahead to the legislative session in January, keeping a positive outlook will help us engage constructively with our legislators to ensure that county voices are heard at the Capitol during this most important session. Remember, stay positive and stay #254strong!