Tap Into TAC Services

By TAC President Larry Gallardo

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It is interesting that the media has divided us into groups that try to define who we are. When an elected official retires, they report that he or she is “returning to the private sector.” Holding office is often referred to as public service. It’s a way to let elected officials know what is expected of them. You are expected to serve.

I spent many years serving on the TAC Board and now serve as President. I am serving, but more importantly, I am able to see the many avenues of service available to all of us in the “public sector.” TAC provides service to all elected and appointed county officials, to all counties and to all of the associations of county officials. We want you to use those services. 

If you have not done so, go to our website, www.county.org. Just look at all the things your Association can do for you. If you are interested or concerned about legislative interference with how we run our counties, try joining our Core Legislative Group. Former VanZandt County Judge Rhita Koches leads that program for TAC and provides members with a variety of opportunities to learn more about what is happening at the Capitol. 

There are numerous educational opportunities available. Want to know more about how counties handle financial matters? Enroll in the County Investment Academy. It is not just for treasurers and auditors. 

How about spreading the word on how counties serve people? Take a look at all of the tools available through our Texas Counties Deliver program. Use these tools to speak at civic clubs and school government classes. That is a great way to serve. 

A new Leadership254 class will be forming soon. Consider applying for this comprehensive 14-month training program. Learn skills that will help you be a better public servant in your courthouse and in your community. 

Did you know that you have a home in Austin? The TAC building, located at the corner or 13th and San Antonio, is always open to you. Need a place to park?  Use our garage for free. Need a quiet place to read or just take a break? Just take the elevator to the fifth floor and you will be made welcome. We are always glad to have our members in the building. You give TAC staff the opportunity to hear about issues you face firsthand. That’s important. After all, TAC serves you. 

There is a lot we can do for you, but I’m sure we are missing something. Tell us what that is. Tell us how we can serve you better. That is our only business. We want to help those of you who serve. Use us. We like it. Thank you for allowing me to lead our Association and help me do a better job serving all of you.