​Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Malicious emails designed to trick users have become an everyday occurrence for counties.

However, county officials and staff can learn to think before they click to protect their county computer networks and data with TAC's new Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program.

Sign up below for this FREE program. The first cycle of training courses goes live on Jan. 14 and runs through 2019. For those who did not enroll in this cycle, there will be a second, identical offering of the courses, running May 2019 — April 2020.

Training Details

The yearlong program includes a comprehensive selection of short, engaging training modules to teach county officials and staff how to be more aware of the potential dangers that may lurk behind a click. Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be taken at the user's convenience through the online training portal.

The training modules can be delivered every other month or four times a year, with 30 days to complete each one. There is no limit to how many staff members you can register. The more staff you train, the bigger the impact on your county's network and data security.

TAC sets up the modules in advance and delivers them via an email link to a list of users provided by the county. Training subjects include:

  • Social Engineering Threats
  • Preventing Ransomware
  • Password Best Practices
  • Securing Work Areas and Resources
  • Preventing Phishing
  • Safe Remote and Mobile Computing
  • Risks of Social Media

Adding New Employees to Existing Team

If a new employee joins your staff partway through your team’s course schedule, please add their information to the user import template and email to securitytraining@county.org. New users will be assigned to all courses previously assigned to your team, and will be given 30 days to complete all previous and current training. It is up to the supervisory county official, or delegated staff member, to determine whether they will be required to complete previously assigned training.

Sign Up

Please complete the form below, which includes uploading a list of staff to enroll. You can use the user import template provided to compile this list. We'll be in touch in the upcoming weeks with more information.

Note: Each user must have their own email address, as only one account can be created per email address. Users are able to share one login, but please be aware that in the case of duplicate emails provided, the account will be tied to only one name included in the user import template.
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