Coming Soon: Your Listserv Will be Upgraded to a Mobilize Community

TAC offers and supports listserv groups to county officials and staff with the purpose of sharing questions and solutions across the counties.

Beginning in April, TAC will upgrade its listserv to a new system called Mobilize. All lists will remain grouped as they currently are, migrating to a Mobilize community, which will offer enhanced features like a web-based communications platform and mobile app. Subscribers will be able to post events and polls to the web platform, as well as communicate one-on-one using its chat feature. Users can continue to communicate entirely through email if they wish.

Seamless Communication

Mobilize will offer a seamless experience through its three communication methods: email, web-based platform and mobile app. Messages posted to the group on the web platform will be received via email and mobile app notification. Messages sent to the group via email will also appear on the web-platform communication feed, as well as the mobile app, and so on.

Changes to Expect

In addition to these enhanced features, there are a few differences subscribers will notice when the listserv is upgraded to Mobilize:

  • When you receive a message via email, clicking “Reply” will respond only to the sender of the email. Clicking “Reply All” will send your response to the entire group.
  • The email address used to send a message to your listserv group will change. The current listserv utilizes the domain. This will change to
  • Once you’ve set up your password, you can log into Mobilize’s web-based communications platform at
  • Mobilize's web-based communications platform is best experienced in the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may experience glitches. Find out how to download Google Chrome here. (Please note that some counties may require approval from the IT admin in order to download new software. Please consult with your IT admin with any concerns.)

Listserv Upgrade Schedule

Please see the dates below for each listserv group's scheduled upgrade to Mobilize. Questions or concerns? Contact Dawn Noufer or your listserv moderator.

Listserv Community Scheduled Date of Upgrade
Auditors Fri., April 26
Clerks Fri., May 3
Commissioners Court Fri., June 7
Constables Wed., April 17
Court Assistants Wed., April 17
Elections Fri., May 24
Healthy County Thurs., May 16
Human Resources Fri., May 10
IT Thurs., May 23
Investment Academy Wed., May 8
Justices of the Peace Thurs., June 20
Judicial Fri., June 14
Tax Assessor-Collectors Fri., April 12
TIHCA (Indigent Healthcare Association) Thurs., June 13
Treasurers Thurs., April 25
Veterans Service Officers (VSO) Thurs., June 6

How to Use Mobilize

With Mobilize, you can continue to communicate with your group entirely through email using your updated listserv email address with the domain. Want a more interactive community experience? Use the Mobilize mobile app and web-based platform. These operate much like other social community platforms, like Facebook or NextDoor, allowing members to “like” posts and create events and polls. Learn more about how to use Mobilize here.


Want to learn more? Sign up for a Mobilize webinar session.

Issues or Questions?

Contact your listserv moderator or Dawn Noufer at (800) 456-5974.