Healthy County Wellness Program

​As a member of TAC HEBP, your county or district has access to the comprehensive and results-oriented​ Healthy County wellness program.​ Created just for Texas counties and their employees, Healthy County offers a variety of ways for your employees to get — and stay — healthy.​ Your employees will be an empowered part of your county’s plan to keep health care costs down and preserve the high-quality benefits you offer for many years to come.​

TAC Healthy County Testimonials

Take Full Advantage of These Resources

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Access your confidential, online benefits and wellness portal to view your benefits, access claims, find a local provider and much more.

Healthy County Portal

All TAC HEBP member employees have access to Healthy County’s integrated health and physical activity portal. Energized by Sonic Boom.

24-hour Nurseline

Call (866) 412-8795, day or night, to speak with an experienced registered nurse who can help with your health care concerns.

Condition Management

This voluntary program is available to help you manage a range of health conditions.

Tobacco Cessation Prescription Benefit

A voluntary program that provides online tools, support, personal coaching and discounts for wellness-related products and services to quit tobacco use.

Wondr Health™

An innovative online program that focuses on how you eat – more than what you eat – simultaneously reducing weight, metabolic risk factors and chronic disease risks.

Healthy Byte Newsletter

A monthly email to keep you informed and inspired while you're on your wellness journey.

Wellness Consultants & Services

From strategic planning to engagement and incentive design, programs and interventions, health education, evaluation and more.

Healthy County How-To Guide

Create an account. Purchase and sync a device. Live healthier.


Airrosti is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective alternative to surgery, pain management and long-term chiropractic or physical therapy treatment programs. Your copay for an Airrosti visit is the same as a primary care visit.* Call (800) 404-6050 or visit the Airrosti website to learn more and schedule an appointment.

*PPO plans and participating self-funded groups only. ASO groups, please verify with your HR Department your Airrosti visit copay.