LegalEase Newsletter

In addition to the TAC Helpline and legal handbooks, the Legal Services Division produces LegalEase, a monthly email highlighting timely, relevant and interesting topics affecting county government. We hope you find it helpful and occasionally entertaining.

Questions addressed in LegalEase have been sorted by subject matter for your reference below.

Commissioners Court

What authority does the court have to stop disruptions from court attendees?​

What are the deadlines the county needs to meet when setting the budget?

What regulatory authority does the county have related to particular types of gathering?


County Officials

May a sitting member of the commissioners court be appointed to fill a vacancy?

Is it possible to withdraw a resignation?​

Is the county required to pay an official who was suspended during an unsuccessful removal action for the time someone else was appointed to the office?​

Fireworks/Burn Ban

When may fireworks be sold, and what authority does the commissioners court have to regulate them?​

How is a declaration of local disaster different from a burn ban?

Healthy & Safety

Do citizens have to use the solid waste services provided in unincorporated areas of the county?

Purchasing Property

Must Commissioners Court declare a totaled vehicle surplus before it is scrapped by the insurance carrier?

Must the county comply with the County Purchasing Act during an emergency?​

Open Meetings Act

Can all of the members of the commissioners court attend a conference together, without violating the Open Meetings Act?​