Aurora Flores
(800) 456-5974
Legislative Consultant - Treasurers' Association & Core Legislative Group Coordinator


Aurora Flores joined the TAC Legislative Department in May 2006. Flores is deeply connected and well versed in the intricacies of the legislative process, having worked in and around the Capitol and for a state agency during the past 24 years. She provides coalition building and legislative strategy for local government issues. Through regional meetings across the state, Flores has brought together county officials and legislators in their home districts for policy discussions, ensuring local officials develop relationships and remain active participants with the Texas Legislature.

Flores brings many years of experience with the Legislature, both on the lobby side and as a legislative aide in the Texas House of Representatives. She has developed strong credentials and has been a successful legislative strategist in a changing political landscape. Aurora studies and monitors legislation to determine possible effects on counties then communicates and confers with legislators and county leaders and is instrumental in ensuring local government achieves its policy goals. She maintains strong relationships with legislators and staff in both chambers and political parties and has a deep network with lobby peers to ensure success in a diverse legislature.

A native of Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley, Flores earned a bachelor’s of science degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and a master’s of business administration from St. Edward’s University in Austin. Her professional background also includes employment with the Texas General Land Office Marketing Division, and she brings communications and media relations skills from her work in television news.

During the legislative interim, Aurora travels the state making county visits, attending county conferences and speaking at legislative exchanges to connect county officials with the legislative process. She is Legislative Consultant to the County Treasurers’ Association and Core Legislative Group Coordinator and monitors issues such as:

  • Financial management/public funds investment
  • Emergency management preparedness/disaster response
  • Retirement/pensions
  • Border issues/immigration
  • Veterans issues
  • South Texas County Judges and Commissioners concerns