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Even with the state’s rapid growth, county debt is only 7% of the overall local debt in Texas - ow.ly/Jdfgk - #254Strong #txlege
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Many parts of Texas are growing at a remarkable pace, and counties are building the infrastructure needed to facilitate and sustain the state’s robust economic development. Counties, cities and school districts all issue debt to build jails, parks, roads, schools, streets, water and wastewater treatment systems and other public facilities. Local taxpayers—not the state government—voted for these projects in their communities, and to issue the bonds and pay them off.

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  • Texas counties are efficient and effective political subdivisions.
  • Even with state’s high growth rate, bond-issued county debt is only seven percent of the overall local debt in Texas.

  • County debt increases to meet the demands of a growing population.

  • The state’s economy depends heavily on local infrastructure local debt builds.

  • Local debt isn’t always local. Many state highway projects are moving forward only because counties are issuing debt to pay part of the cost and get these projects underway.

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