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2018 TAC Salary Survey Now Available

​​The 2018 TAC Salary Survey wrapped up at the end of April, and the information is now available. Printed copies of the survey were mailed to participating offices during the week of April 30. We also sent a courtesy copy to the county judge’s office in those counties. Readers can download a copy of the 2018 TAC Salary Survey.

After sending the survey to the printer, but before mailing it, three more counties sent their salary information. Their information was not included in the original print run; however, we did send updated hard copies to those three counties and noted the updates on our website — we will post any additional salary data or corrections that we receive on this page.

In addition, we posted a spreadsheet of the base salaries on the same web page for those of you who like to sort and group the counties using your own criteria. The spreadsheet data does not include supplemental salaries or any allowances. Be sure to check the worksheet for additional notes regarding the data in the table.

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