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County Juvenile Probation Spending Rises 20.6 Percent

Total (Net) Estimated Expenditures for Juvenile probation For all 254 Counties

Juvenile probation is administered locally, with state oversight, and funded by a combination of both state appropriations and local funds. However, county funding accounts for about 70 percent of the total.

​In 2016, TAC collected data covering a five-year period on the cost of this and other unfunded mandates. In that survey, we asked counties for their net expenditures on juvenile probation. The statewide extrapolations in the following chart come from data supplied by 80 counties. Even though expenditures fell in two of the survey years, overall net statewide expenditures increased 20.6 percent over the survey period to $472.4 million.

For more information on the costs of unfunded mandates or the methodology used to create the statewide extrapolations, see The Cost of County Government: 2016 Unfunded Mandates Survey. ​​​​