Attorney General Opinions

November 22, 2013

Legislative News

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TAC has highlighted recent Attorney General Opinions and Requests for Opinions of interest to counties. 

No new Attorney General Opinions have been issued since the last edition of County Issues.

Requests for Attorney General Opinions

RQ-1159-GA: The Honorable Tan Parker, Chair, Committee on Corrections, Texas House of Representatives, Implementation of Senate Bill 1678, relating to the Major Events Trust Fund.

RQ-1160-GA: The Honorable Luis V. Saenz, Cameron County District Attorney, Whether Family Code section 2.204(c) authorizes a justice of the peace to grant a waiver of the 72-hour waiting period after the issuance of a marriage license.

RQ-1162-GA: The Honorable Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, The scope of section 51.607(a) of the Government Code, concerning the Comptroller of Public Accounts’ identification of new or changed court costs and fees.

RQ-1164-GA: The Honorable Joe C. Pickett, Chair, Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety, Texas House of Representatives, Whether Transportation Code section 720.002 prohibits a political subdivision or state agency from requiring peace officers to issue a certain number of warning citations.