2017 TAC Employee of the Year: Angie Catron

March 14, 2018

TAC News

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With nearly a decade at TAC, Angie Catron has proven her commitment to the Association, its members and staff through her work and relationships, earning her the 2017 Employee of the Year award.  TAC staff choose the annual recipient of this honor.


According to Associate Director of Administration, Accounting Ganae Hempe, “I have watched Angie’s professional development and personal growth. Angie is dedicated, hard-working and committed to excellence both in her duties and service to TAC and TAC employees.” 


Catron joined TAC in 2009 as Payroll Coordinator soon after graduating from Texas State University with a bachelor’s in business management. While working full-time, Catron enrolled in graduate school at St. Edwards University. She earned her MBA in 2014.


As Payroll Coordinator, she handled both payroll and the budget: ensuring TAC staff received their paychecks on time and properly managing and tracking the budget. “It’s very different every day,” said Catron. That’s an aspect of the job she truly enjoys. But maybe even more than loving the variety, Catron loves her job because of her team. “I feel like we are a tight-knit group. We have friendships with each other that extend beyond work,” she said. She notes that when things get busy or difficult, “We come together. Everyone is willing to help.”


Anyone who has met Catron can attest that she is kind, patient and friendly, making her a pleasure to be around. But she is also deeply devoted to doing an excellent job. TAC’s Director of Administration Lisa Garcia explained, “Over the last nine years, Angie has proven herself to be a quick-learner, ambitious and exceedingly reliable. Not only did Angie get her MBA, but she got it while working full-time and learning and implementing a new budget tool, while still staying on top of her day-to-day duties of payroll. She’s also a genuinely good person and I would trust her with anything.”


It is this trust that has given Catron a new opportunity. She was recently promoted to Purchasing & Asset Manager. While it is well-earned and deserved, those in her previous tight-knit group will miss her. “I consider myself lucky to have worked directly with her, and I’m excited for her and for the new opportunity she has. She will definitely be missed in the Accounting department, but we will still know where to find her,” said Hempe.


With an eye for excellence and a can-do attitude, it is not too surprising that when Catron is not at the office crunching numbers, she is on the volleyball court crushing competitors. She is an avid player and part of a local league where she is usually on the winning end of the court. And despite her genuinely sweet disposition, she goes into full-on competitor mode when she needs to. Fellow TAC employee and volleyball teammate, Membership Manager Frank Baca, has first-hand knowledge of her talents. “She’s awesome and really lifts our team up. When she takes command, it puts a fire under us. We also really love it when she argues with the refs,” said Baca, adding but once they blow the whistle, she is back to her sweet self.


The combination of compassion for others, focus on the task at hand and a dedication to teamwork is what makes Catron special and earned her 2017 Employee of the Year.