2018 TAC Salary Survey Begins

February 02, 2018

Legislative News

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​The biennial TAC Salary Survey is underway. We sent the survey out on Jan. 22 to collect salary information on all elected county offices plus the appointed county auditor. For the most part, those letters were addressed to county auditors and county treasurers; however, in some cases other offices were contacted based on who had replied to the survey in prior years. If needed, you may download a copy of the survey form in MS Excel format. 

Email the completed copy to Tim Brown or fax it to his attention at (512) 478-3573. You can send any questions about the survey to the same email address or you can call him at (800) 456-5974.

In addition to the survey form, we also publish a map that shows which counties participated in the survey. We will update the map weekly at a minimum.

Previous editions of the survey, including the most recently completed edition, are also available.

Once completed, those offices that returned the survey form will receive a hard copy of the report. In addition, we will post the 2018 TAC Salary Survey online.