TAC HEBP Prescription Benefits Changes Effective Oct. 1

Prescription benefits changes with Navitus Health Solutions become effective Oct. 1.

August 22, 2018

Health and Benefits News

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TAC HEBP Members Will See Rate Stability, More Flexibility
The TAC Health and Employee Benefits Pool (TAC HEBP) on Oct. 1 will roll out important prescription benefits changes to its members, more than 45,000 Texas county and district personnel.
Pressed to tackle rising prescription costs head-on, the TAC HEBP Board negotiated a new pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) contract with Navitus Health Solutions. Navitus provides Rx benefits for over 5 million people nationwide and has 5000+ in-network pharmacies in Texas.
“The changes will help our members’ county and district operations through lower costs and expanded budget flexibility,” said TAC Health Benefits Services Director Quincy Quinlan. “They will also allow TAC HEBP to continue to improve the quality of coverage options it provides.  TAC HEBP’s goal is to provide the highest quality health care coverage at the best long-term cost possible to Texas county entities.”
While TAC HEBP’s average member contribution rates have remained well below the market trend for almost two decades, the cost of health coverage has continued to rise. New, extremely high cost specialty drugs and expensive brand name drugs, compared to their generic equivalents, contribute significantly to increasing health care premiums. Those costs have a direct effect on ever-tightening county budgets. The prescription benefits changes are in response to these challenges.

  • This new partnership with Navitus Health Solutions will continue to allow members to choose a preferred pharmacy.

  • In late September, every TAC HEBP member was sent a new ID card to the home address on file in the Online Administrative System (OASys).

  • In some cases, Navitus will communicate directly with doctors, pharmacists and individual TAC HEBP members regarding current prescriptions to help meet patient needs.

  • A patient may be asked to accept the generic equivalent of a name brand prescription (if available). Generic drugs may differ in color, shape, taste, and packaging, but they work the same as the brand name drug. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires that the generic version be as effective, pure and stable as the original drug. Even though some drug changes will be required or recommended, your medication decisions will still be guided by you and your doctor.

These enhancements complement the wide range of services already available to all TAC HEBP members, such as Medicine Match reduced prescription copays (for patients with asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure), Retail 90 (a 90-day supply for the cost of two copays), the Healthy County wellness program, condition management and more.

  • Visit www.county.org/tachebp to view a brief educational video in either English or Spanish that provides an overview of these changes. The TAC Standard Drug Formulary, network guide and other information is also available online.

  • Members with questions about these prescription benefit changes can call Navitus Customer Care directly at 866-333-2757, visit the Navitus website at www.navitus.com or contact their county’s Pool Coordinator or HR/Benefits Manager.

  • Members can visit https://mybenefits.county.org to access personalized health benefits records and Healthy County wellness program resources.