County vs. County winner: Congratulations to Sterling County

July 25, 2019

Health and Benefits News

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The results for June’s County vs. County contest are in! Congratulations to Sterling County for logging in 12,036 daily average steps in the contest.

Sterling County — with a population of about 1,140 people, according to the last Census — is located West Central Texas on the Edwards Plateau.

Texas counties participated in a Healthy County contest to log 30 days of 6,000 steps. Participating counties logged in a total of 647 million steps during the contest period from May 23 to June 23.

Here are the top three counties in each county population group:

Extra Small County:

1st place: Sterling County — 12,036 daily average steps
2nd place: Somervell Central Appraisal District — 10, 074 daily average steps
3rd place: King County — 9, 862 daily average steps

Small County:

1st place: Hall County — 8,686 daily average steps
2nd place: Schleicher County — 8,411 daily average steps
3rd place: Roberts County — 8,255 daily average steps

Medium County:

1st place: Falls County — 11,404 daily average steps
2nd place: Presidio County — 7,066 daily average steps
3rd place: Runnels County — 7,051 daily average steps

Large County:

1st place: Llano County — 9,543 daily average steps
2nd place: Brown County — 7,963 daily average steps
3rd place: Gillespie County — 7,648 daily average steps

Extra Large County:

1st place: Bastrop County — 7,656 daily average steps
2nd place: Kerr County — 7,183 daily average steps
3rd place: Wharton County — 6,852 daily average steps

The contest’s top five steppers were:

Frank Olsovosky — Wharton County
Lisa Lowe — Lavaca County
John Allen — Glasscock County
Irene Velasquez — Kaufman County
Amy McCauley — King County

Ready to get fit and stay fit? Check out our 2019 Contests flyer for the dates of all of the 2019 Healthy County Contests.

Employees who complete three of four Healthy County contests will earn a $50 Boomer Bucks incentive that can be redeemed for merchandise and/or gift cards!*

If you have any questions about the Sonic Boom program, such as syncing your steps or navigating your personal Sonic Boom site, contact Sonic Boom Mission Control Support team by email or phone!  Toll free line: 877-766-4208.

*All fully pooled TAC HEBP groups and participating ASO groups are eligible for the Boomer Bucks incentive. Participating ASO groups include Brazos, Comal and Guadalupe counties and Harris County Appraisal District.