TAC is making progress on strategic goals

December 2019 marks the end of my first year as Executive Director at TAC. It is so true — time really does fly when you are having fun. It has truly been an honor to serve Texas counties this year in my role.

December 18, 2019
By Susan M. Redford, TAC Executive Director
TAC News

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December 2019 marks the end of my first year as Executive Director at TAC. It is so true — time really does fly when you are having fun. It has truly been an honor to serve Texas counties this year in my role. I have had the privilege of working with a talented and visionary Board of Directors led by outgoing President Larry Gallardo and a staff of dedicated TAC employees who bring their "A" game to work every day.

In 2019, TAC rolled out The TAC Way, an initiative to build a culture based on 25 principles grounded in integrity, transparency, continuous improvement and unbelievable customer service. The TAC way is designed to make a great company culture even better by emphasizing excellence, trust and accountability in all of our interactions with our members and partners. This year the Austin American-Statesman also selected TAC the top midsized workplace in the greater Austin area — an honor made even more meaningful because it was based on the feedback of our employees.

In July, I described the TAC Board of Director's two-year strategic plan with seven goals: develop talking points to communicate TAC's vision, mission and purpose; find ways to engage larger counties as members; create a plan for continued financial stability for TAC; expand and improve TAC's relationship with the Legislature; develop an evaluation process and accountability plan for the TAC Executive Director and Board of Directors; identify and document how affiliate organizations appoint representatives to the TAC Board of Directors; and implement a system to monitor the progress and results of the TAC strategic plan. We are making excellent progress on these goals. Look for more details during the first quarter of 2020.

We hope you will make plans to attend TAC's important educational events in 2020, beginning with the Healthy County Boot Camp, Feb. 12–14, 2020 at the Renaissance Hotel Austin. Industry experts and your peers will share tips, strategies and resources to help county officials and employees lead healthier lives. TAC's Health and Employee Benefits Pool members are eligible for reimbursement for some of their travel costs. You'll find details on our Calendar of Events.

It is also time to nominate your county's innovative program or service for the 2020 County Best Practices Awards. The deadline for submitting a nomination is March 31, 2020. Every two years, TAC recognizes county leaders' efforts to create new, efficient and effective solutions to challenges facing local governments. These solutions include innovative programs, increased delivery of services and superior achievements in all areas of county operations.

Examples include:

  • Financial and general management
  • Public safety and corrections
  • Health and human services
  • Technology
  • Community improvements
  • Other county-related responsibilities.

You can take a look at the past recipients, learn more about the program and find the nomination form on our website at www.county.org/bestpractices.

In addition to our online Calendar, our website is full of helpful information. For instance, our Legislative Services Department recently compiled and posted a list of information about grant opportunities available to counties. The information is organized by subject, from transportation infrastructure and emergency services grants to behavioral and mental health and county jails grants. Visit www.county.org/grants for more information.

And while you are on our website, be sure to check out our "Senate Bill 2 Explanatory Q&A" available from the main Legislative page. It addresses those provisions that will have the greatest impact on counties.

I look forward to a productive 2020 for TAC and our members! I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a fun — and safe — New Year. Thank you for being 254 Strong all year!