Calhoun County: Property Claims Success Stories, Part 2

July 22, 2020
By Brett Anderson, TAC Property Program Supervisor
Risk Management News

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This is part two of a four-part series that examines specific property claims filed by TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) members and their outcomes. See part one.

Key takeaway

Calhoun County was able to prevent secondary damages to a flooded building by following guidance provided by TAC Risk Management Services staff.


Calhoun County

Date of loss

Feb. 28, 2019

Member Contact

Candice Villarreal, First Assistant Auditor

Calhoun County's Annex Building sustained water damage on Feb. 28, 2019. A main water line next to their building ruptured causing water to flow into the building. Property Program Supervisor Brett Anderson contacted First Assistant Auditor Candice Villarreal after the claim was filed, whose office is in the affected building.

After the county's maintenance department cleaned up the standing water, TAC Risk Management Services staff advised that the building's walls were most likely wet and recommended the county retain an emergency service water mitigation company. The company confirmed that the building's walls were indeed wet and removed the wet drywall and insulation. This allowed the building to quickly dry, which prevented mold or other secondary damages from occurring. The emergency services and water damages were paid for as part of their TAC RMP property claim.

Candice Villarreal comments

"Calhoun County reported the claim to TAC, waited a very short time to have Servpro come look at things, and then had the repairs completed efficiently and effectively. The county was only out the deductible.

"TAC RMS recommended a professional service come look at the site of the water leak. The service came in and found that there was water in the walls and floor that looked totally dry to the untrained eye.

"Without TAC and their recommendation to call in the professionals, we could have been in a worse situation a few months down the road. Calhoun County is glad to have TAC on our side.

"TAC RMS staff is always so helpful and professional. In our experiences on various county claims, it is very clear that TAC is watching out for the county."