Take action to ensure delivery of "TAC Announce" emails

July 24, 2020

TAC News

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The Texas Association of Counties will soon add a new IP address for our outgoing communications to you. If you would like to continue to receive these emails that contain information about education opportunities, upcoming events and critical news relevant to your county (to name a few), please ask your IT department to whitelist TACAnnounce@county.org and IP address If no action is taken, future TAC Announce emails to you may end up marked as spam or won't be delivered.

Additional detail for IT personnel: When adding the new IP address, please do not disable the current IP ( The current IP will still be used until the new IP is completely implemented.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Caleb Sanchez, Web Services Manager, at calebs@county.org or Frank Baca, Membership Manager, at frankb@county.org.

Thank you.