Coverage Tip: Identify permanently attached equipment on your vehicles

July 27, 2020
By Ernesto Galindo, TAC Risk Management Consultant
Risk Management News

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The white and black vehicles pictured here look similar and share many assembly components, but upon close examination, you can expect the white vehicle to be far more expensive and complicated to replace should you have to file an auto physical damage claim.

Equipment such as light bars, grill guards, spotlights and mobile data terminals are often added post-purchase. All of these components are examples of permanently attached equipment, which can affect the total cost of your vehicle and the potential recovery for you to recover the cost of damages to the unit, therefore it is. This is why it is important that you accurately include the costs of these items in your vehicle schedule values. Even if you purchased the emergency vehicle is purchased with the equipment already outfitted, be sure to let your TAC Member Services Representative know the vehicle cost includes permanently attached equipment.

Keep this in mind when updating your vehicles' schedules and when determining the level of coverage to best protect your assets. A recent review of losses from 2016-2019 shows the average amount paid per vehicle for permanently attached equipment was $4,800.

As a guardian of your county's assets, you should always confirm your vehicles schedules and values are correct and up to date. Your TAC Risk Management Pool auto schedules for your coverage will indicate if a vehicle is covered for permanently attached equipment. Review them to confirm if there is a checked box under "EQUIP."

Always include the cost of all the permanently attached equipment when reporting the total value of your vehicles. If you have any questions regarding these and any other coverage questions please don't hesitate to contact your TAC Risk Management Consultant.