Kleberg County: Property Claims Success Stories, Part 4

August 05, 2020
By Brett Anderson, TAC Property Program Supervisor
Risk Management News

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This is part four of a four-part series that examines specific property claims filed by TAC Risk Management Pool (TAC RMP) members and their outcomes.

Key takeaway

By Kleberg County acting timely in mitigating damages, they were able to continue their operations and minimize damages.


Kleberg County

Dates of loss

Sept. 2, 2019

During the 2019 Labor Day weekend, a 4-inch water line broke causing water to flow through an electrical conduit directly into the Kleberg County Courthouse basement. The water caused substantial damage to some of the electrical components, walls, doors, trim and flooring.

County employees acted promptly to shut off the water flow and extract it from the building. The county also acted quickly to retain an emergency service company and electrician. Due to the county’s hard work and prompt response, it was able to avoid secondary damages and keep the courthouse open for business.

The county was able to move some of its office employees out of the basement to floors upstairs to avoid additional costs of renting temporary office space. The county was also able to save money and protect their personal property by moving the basement’s contents to different parts of the courthouse while repairs were made, instead of renting temporary storage space.

Their property coverage provided payments for the repairs in addition to emergency services, the electrician’s and employees’ after hours and overtime work to keep the courthouse up and running.

Kleberg County was able to navigate a difficult situation through its hard work and good partnerships with TAC Risk Management Services staff and the vendors it retained to assist.