TAC Provides Video Conferencing Software to Counties

April 03, 2020

TAC News

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The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) offers counties videoconferencing software free until Sept. 30. This software allows counties to conduct remote open meetings that conform to the recently adjusted provisions to reduce face-to-face interaction in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Reserve Licenses for Your County

Reserve licenses for your county today to efficiently work remotely with your county staff and conduct remote open meetings. Anyone with a license will be able to create and host meetings, with the ability to invite anyone within your county or outside of your county, even users without a remote meeting license. Once your licenses are reserved, TAC will issue your licenses within 7 business days and provide information to users about how to utilize the remote meeting software.

TAC offers remote meeting capabilities through Google G Suite Meet software free to counties until September 30. Following the free period, counties can opt to continue using the software for a fee.

Need help conducting open meetings remotely through Google Meet? Check out our Best Practices for Conducting Open Meetings Remotely webpage.

Please contact us with any questions or visit our remote meetings webpage for more information.