Have you enrolled in TAC's cybersecurity course?

Free online class meets Texas' compliance requirements

April 12, 2021
By County magazine staff

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Increase the cybersecurity knowledge of your county personnel and stay in compliance with the law with the Texas Association of Counties' (TAC) free cybersecurity course. TAC's course meets the requirements of Texas Government Code Section 2054.5191.

State law requires every elected county official, as well as county employees who have access to a local government computer system or database, to complete annually a cybersecurity awareness training certified by the Texas Department of Information Resources. To be in compliance for 2021, your county’s officials and personnel need to complete a certified course by June 14, and your county must report compliance by June 15.

It's easy to sign up for TAC's course, and we encourage counties to enroll their entire staff and all their elected officials in the 45-minute online class. Find everything you need to enroll your county at www.county.org/cybersecurity.

TAC has selected its training vendor with the needs of its members in mind. The course supplies foundational knowledge on the principles of cybersecurity awareness that will be relevant to most county personnel. For more information, contact us by phone at (800) 456-5974 or by email at SecurityTraining@county.org.

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