TAC CIRA begins county email migrations to upgraded service

Revamped email services offer counties increased security and features

April 27, 2021
By County magazine staff

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Texas counties that receive their email through TAC’s County Information Resources Agency 

(TAC CIRA) can expect robust security, collaboration tools and additional features once they migrate to TAC CIRA’s new Microsoft Office 365 email services. TAC CIRA will phase out the current Rackspace email platform by the end of the year.

Some counties are already enjoying the new features after TAC CIRA began migrating counties earlier this year. 

Counties have until Aug. 31 to indicate whether they plan to stay with TAC CIRA and until Dec. 31 to migrate to TAC CIRA’s new email service or obtain their own service provider. TAC CIRA will perform a limited number of migrations in early 2022 for counties that could not migrate earlier because of budget process limitations.

There are benefits to acting now, not the least of which is to lock in your county’s preferred migration dates, which are offered first come, first served. 

Contact TAC CIRA’s Email Transition Team at 365secure@county.org or at (512) 615-8915 to get started. Learn more about the available email plans, features and cost comparisons, and schedule your migration online.