Naturally Slim in 2021!

December 17, 2020| Health and Benefits News

We are excited to announce another round of the Naturally Slim series in 2021. The Applications for the first series, which starts Feb. 1, will be open Jan. 4 through Jan. 15.

2021 Healthy County Boot Camp Offered In-Person and Online

December 17, 2020|

The well-being and safety of TAC’s members is our first priority. In response to calls for slowing the spread of COVID-19, we have transformed the Healthy County Boot Camp conference into a hybrid event. The event will be in Denton and online.

Register for the Sonic Boom Program Healthy County Coordinator and Sponsor Training on Jan. 6

December 17, 2020|

We are excited to announce that Sonic Boom will hold an online training for Wellness Coordinators and Sponsors on Jan. 6 at 11 a.m.

This is Your Year: New WW & TAC Partnership!

December 17, 2020|

Texas Association of Counties and WW (Weight Watchers® reimagined) have teamed up to help members reach their wellness goals in 2021.

Healthy County Telehealth Services

November 19, 2020| Health and Benefits News

As a reminder, Healthy County offers three telehealth services to TAC HEBP members. These services allow members to receive medical advice, resources, care, and treatment plans all from the comfort of their home…

Tips for Mindful Gift Giving

November 19, 2020| Health and Benefits News

The holidays are a time for gratitude, celebrations, family, friends, and, of course, gifts. Bombarded with advertising trying to convince you that you need the latest and greatest, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters and overlook the art of thoughtful gift giving.

A Holiday Treat For You

October 27, 2020|

No matter what the scale says, there’s a place for treats this holiday season. Try this festive recipe, which is pleasantly sweet but not overloaded with sugar.

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