TAC Analyzes Proposed State Budget Impact on Counties

March 22, 2013
By Paul K. Emerson, TAC State Financial Analyst
Legislative News

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Last week, the Senate Finance Committee completed work on SB 1 – the state budget for fiscal years 2014-15. The committee substitute for SB 1 totals $195.4 billion in all funds and $94.1 billion in general revenue. 

As expected, SB 1 passed the Senate by a vote of 29-2 with no floor amendments added. The budget bill then headed to the House Appropriations Committee where it was substituted with the House’s version. Undoubtedly, both bills will end up going to conference committee where differences will be worked out. 

The TAC County Information Program (CIP) has prepared a 27-page report listing selected state-funded programs impacting counties and how they fared in the Senate’s version of the budget. The report reflects the budgetary work by the Senate in restoring some of the previous cuts during fiscal years 2011-12.

This budget summary report is organized by agencies and programs with a short description explaining each program. Below the explanation is a comparison table showing the differences between the House and Senate versions during each stage of the budget process. Figures highlighted are changes that occurred in the committee substitute for SB 1.

The budget summary report will be updated to incorporate changes made by the House Appropriations Committee by the end of next week.

As CIP continues to monitor the budget process, we will make periodic updates to the budget summary.

For more information, contact Paul Emerson, TAC state financial analyst, at (800) 456-5974.