2019 Legislative Analysis Report

August 30, 2019

Legislative News

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TAC has compiled the 2019 Legislative Analysis Report (LAR), which is a compilation of newly enacted legislation that will affect counties and county operations. The 2019 LAR identifies roughly 160 bills arranged by subject matter and contains a concise bill summary, valuable links, news clippings, effective date, and more. The PDF also provides a summary of the 950-page 2020-2021 State Budget and identifies those areas of most interest to county operations.

ALL-NEW: Access the Legislative Analysis Report Database and search by bill number, author/sponsor, subject, keyword and TAC affiliate. Both the PDF and database are available at www.county.org/LAR.

Throughout the 140 days of the 86th Legislative Session, TAC reviewed over 10,000 pieces of legislation that were filed, including 7,324 Senate and House bills, and tracked all bills that could impact county government operations. Working with county officials, TAC provided research, analysis, and answers to questions asked by elected officials related to filed legislation and associated issues. Ultimately, 1,495 bills were passed by both chambers and sent to Gov. Greg Abbott, who then signed 1,323 bills into law, vetoed 58, and allowed 114 bills to become law without his signature. The 2019 LAR identifies the bills that passed which may have the greatest impact on counties over the next two years.