Texas Water Development Board Seeks Input on State Flood Plan Rules

August 30, 2019

Legislative News

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The 86th Legislature passed Senate Bill 7, SB 8, SB 500 and House Joint Resolution 4 directing the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to play a substantial role in developing the necessary flood planning and rules associated with financing flood mitigation efforts. Specifically, TWDB is to administer a new flood planning program, with the necessary rules, to provide both grants and low-interest loans for drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control projects. Additionally, TWDB has been tasked to develop and maintain the state flood plan. SB 8 enumerates the detailed requirements of what is to be included in the state flood plan but gave TWDB latitude to both develop and implement the procedures to be used in drafting the plan.

The Legislature appropriated TWDB with $793 million to create and administer the necessary programs and directed TWDB to make funding available starting in 2020. To comply with the demands of the legislature, the TWDB has begun the process of soliciting feedback and recommendations from stakeholders.

TWDB has published the "Implementation of Flood Legislation from the 86th Texas Legislative Session" a 45-page document that outlines TWDB responsibilities and outlines specific questions/issues on which the TWDB is soliciting feedback. This represents an excellent opportunity for county officials to provide input that will be used by TWDB in drafting formal rules and assist in the operation/implementation efforts. While the comment period to submit feedback closes Aug. 30, 2019 there will be opportunities to provide input over the coming months. For further information on the work being done by TWDB, upcoming meetings, and more please contact TWDB at (512) 463-8725 or flood@twdb.texas.gov.