Grant Opportunities

Numerous state and federal grants and other resources are available to eligible counties. See how the search for these funding opportunities has been made easier for you.

September 27, 2019

Legislative News

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To assist county efforts in supplementing ad valorem tax revenue, the TAC Legislative Services team now provides information regarding grant opportunities available to Texas counties. Access the TAC Legislative Services resource page directly on the TAC website at

The information consists of links to grant announcements, funding alerts, and grant-finding resources that already exist and are available on funding agencies' websites. The grant opportunities identified by TAC staff target grants funded through the state budget for which counties are eligible. This is not a comprehensive listing of all grants available to Texas counties. However, the funding opportunities page does provide links to grant-finding resources, which will take you to lists that are more comprehensive.

In order to make it easier for county staff and officials to match grant programs with current funding demands, grant opportunities are organized by subject matter, such as transportation infrastructure, behavioral and mental health, emergency services, and county jails. Grants which affect multiple issues are listed under each affected category.

For each grant, the following is provided:

  • Grant name with a link to the funding announcement and other materials provided by the funding agency;
  • A brief, high-level description of the grant;
  • The name, email address and phone number of the funding agency contact;
  • The date that the grant is available; and
  • The due date for application submission

Please be aware that for some of these grants, certain information regarding deadlines has yet to be determined.

To supplement our listing of grant opportunities, the Legislative resource page includes links to additional grant resource websites including:

TAC Legislative Services staff will continue to update this information on a regular basis. Should you need additional information, please contact Zelma Smith.