March 26

Bills on the Move

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

TAC Legislative Services staff will highlight important county-related bills on the move that have had either committee or floor activity in the House and Senate during the week. While this list does not include every county-related bill, it does provide an overview of some recent significant legislative actions.

Week in Review: A Digest of What Happened This Week at the Capitol

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

The 2020 Unfunded Mandates Survey report, The Cost of County Government, was released online this week in a new, easier to use format. Thanks to the many county auditors, treasurers, judges and staff who researched and reported their data for use in this publication – it would not have been possible without your support!

Senate Finance Committee Completes Budget Markup

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

Moving at a record pace, the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) completed its final markup of Senate Bill 1, taking up and adopting SFC workgroup recommendations on Wednesday, March 24.

House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence Meets to Discuss Changing Criminal Penalties

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

The Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence met on Monday to discuss 16 bills, many dealing with penalty changes for certain offenses. The slate included the following bills.

Unable to Attend This Week's Tuesday Morning Breakfast? Here's What Happened

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

The legislative effort to prohibit local governments from using public money to advocate for their interests has garnered the most attention at each of this session's Tuesday Morning Breakfasts. Attention was doubly focused on the issue this week, with the House State Affairs Committee set to hold a hearing on House Bill 749 on Thursday, March 25.

What We’re Reading

March 26, 2021| Legislative News

This week, the activities of the 87th Texas Legislature continued with committee hearings and both chambers convening. Here are a few news articles on the week’s happenings.

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