Election Dates Set to Shift Contingent on Redistricting

September 30, 2021

Legislative News

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After efforts to change Texas election law failed during the first special session, lawmakers reconvened in Austin for a second special session and passed the governor’s requested priority legislation. Among the 14 bills signed into law after the second special session was Senate Bill 13 by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), an anticipatory measure that will shift election dates upon completion of redistricting. The Legislature reconvened Sept. 20 for a third special session and is working to redraw State Board of Education, state legislative, and congressional districts based upon 2020 Census data. SB 13 will shift election dates according to when the new districts become law. The temporary alternative dates are as follows:

Redistricting Becomes Law Primary Filing Period Primary Election Runoff
Nov. 15 Nov. 29-Dec. 13 Mar. 1 May 24
Nov. 16-Dec. 28 Jan. 10-24 Apr. 5 June 21
Dec. 28-Feb. 7 Feb. 21-Mar. 7 May 24 July 26
After Feb. 7 TBD by Sec. of State TBD by Sec. of State TBD by Sec. of State

These temporary alternative election dates will remain in place only for the 2022 election cycle and will expire Jan. 1, 2023.

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